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I. General decisions.

1. Owner of Internet Shop Tapex is the firm Z.H.P. Tapex MAciej -Mucha with seat in Częstochowa, near Worcela 16a or Wolności2/4.PL949 198 85 04,
2.Order can fold for mediation of internet side , e-mail or by phone.
3. Condition of composition of order is foundation of account in shop
4. All passed prices in shop are prices brutto.
5. Final price for buyer of transaction is the price being visible near product in moment of composition order by customer.
6. Descriptions and placed in shop of goods the technical parameters they are peaceable with passed by their manufacturers information. The shop-assistant does not bear the responsibility for incorrect qualification of parameters and the propriety of goods by his manufacturer.

II. Realization of order

1. Condition of realization of order is application by customer of number of telephone or e-mail, enabling shop-assistant the verification of folded order. After accept of order the shop-assistant confirms it by phone or the e-mail. Shop can refuse in case of lack the realization of order the confirmation of order, or application incomplete or incorrect customer's data.
2. Confirmation accept of order by shop-assistant follows during telephone conversation or for mediation of message the e-mail. The customer has the possibility of verification while the improvement of passed personal data, and also the correcting of mistakenly accomplished order. Later change of order can be made difficult, with attention on delivery him to realization and the express process of delivery of to customer the mail. The service of shop will add however every trying, to in every moment to make possible ordering the change of address data as well as the correcting the content of order (before dispatch the mail).
3. Deadline of realization of order hugs period: - from accept order to conferment of mail (maximally 2 working days, if the product is accessible in the shop-assistant's store-house);
- time on delivering to customer finished mail. (ok. of 2 working days since day of conferment of preference mail for mediation of Polish Post office or the courier firm). In case of temporary lack of goods in the shop-assistant's store-house, period of realization of order can undergo extension. Shop-assistant informs about this the customer by phone or the message the e-mail, directly after accept order.
4. Conditions of realization of atypical orders are established with customer in individual way each the time.
5. Shop-assistant delivers for mediation of curier firm ordered goods or Polish Post office. The suitable costs of delivery the buyer be burdened (dependent from height of sum of order).
6. Regulations of sale is in force on terrain of Poland exclusively.
7. Conditions of retail sale and the dispatching of goods for border are co-ordinated with customer in individual way each the time.
8. Proof of purchase ( the original of invoice the VAT) he be added to mail.
9.Complaints during the mechanical damages relating transportation will be considered on basis of written minutes of damage exclusively / the divergence of content of mail, prepared in moment of receipt of goods, in the courier's presence and for his confirmation. It in case of affirming of damage mail was one should refuse her party as well as make a list suitable minutes of damage. Peaceably with valid Transport Right the Recepient of the mail which noticed after her damage departure the Courier's, this fact can notify by phone the courier firm.

III. Turns of bought goods

1. In deadline 10 days since day delivering the goods, the consumer has to his turn without application of causes the right in frames the renouncement of from contract, according to general principles of recipes about containing on distance the contracts. Renouncement from contract follows across composition of written announcement and sending on own cost goods to shop-assistant. The shop-assistant accepts the turned goods under condition, that he will become sended in original the and not damaged packaging, from complete the and not damaged content, without traces her use ( the device as well as the every added accessories the, instructions, the guarantee, proof of purchase ? the invoice or the receipt)
2. Right of renouncement of from contract and it does not be entitle to the turn of goods the consumer in case the removal by him original the packaging of computer programmes, recorded on carriers.
3. Leaving from contract Consumer, goods should turn on address:

Z. H. P Tapex Barbary Jastrzębska- Mucha
Worcela 16a or Wolności 2/4
42-200 Częstochowa

with from indispensable documents.
4. To manageable mail was one should was add the written announcement of renouncement of from contract, one's personal data. It was one should qualify also means for goods the turn of due amount: transfer on bank account ( we ask about application of number of bank bill ) or money transfer post on indicated address.
5. In case of the non-accomplishment by customer of conditions with pkt. 4, the shop-assistant reserves me to refusal of party of sended goods the right as well as to notification of accusation of ineffectiveness of renouncement of from contract by customer.
6. In case the positive investigation of renouncement of from contract by consumer, the shop-assistant pays back in draught the money 7 working days since moment the receipt of manageable mail from written renouncement from contract together with.

IV. Complaints and guarantees

1. All offered in shop products are by factory new, free from physical defects and legal as well as introduced on Polish market legally.
2. Goods possess the manufacturer's guarantee, importer or the shop-assistant, valid on terrain of Poland. The conditions of guarantee are in every case definite in of guarantee on the display by warrant document. Periods of guarantee on the individual goods be definite in description of goods.
3. Guarantee as well as they are not in force the right of renouncement of from contract, if the mechanical damages of external origin product be touched. In relationship from this the customer be obliged to checking in the courier's presence the mail or the worker of Polish Post office. It was one should turn attention on packaging (on possible damages during transportation), and in peculiarity on state of tapes or the seals on mail. It in case of damage of packaging of mail or break of seals / was one should refuse the party of post package the tapes and in the courier's presence prepare minutes of damage, for what get in touch with sprzedawc?, in aim the explanation of existed situation immediately. Checking near receipt mail is indispensable condition of regard with title of damage customer's possible claims czy robbery in transportation mail.
4. Complaints during mechanical damages relating transportation will be considered on basis of written minutes of damage only / the divergence of content of mail, prepared in moment of receipt of goods, in the courier's presence and for his confirmation. It in case of affirming of damage mail was one should refuse her party as well as make a list suitable minutes of damage. Peaceably with valid Transport Right the Recepient of the mail which noticed after odje her damage ? the Courier's dzie, this fact can notify by phone the courier's firm.
5. In case of groundless complaint or the damage of equipment with the customer's fault, the every costs above-mentioned the procedures the cover the customer.

V. Protection of personal data

1. Folding the order, the customer agrees on processing and the using him the personal data in aim of realization of order. Data these will not be processed nor used in no different aim.
2. If customer folding order will agree on receiving promotive information, his address sending these information e-mail will be used in aim also.
3. Personal data the placed in catkin of data of shop be processed for his needs exclusively, they are not and different subjects will not be available. Data these be accumulated with appropriate care and protected before access to them by persons suitably, peaceably with law with day 29 August 1997 r. about protection of personal data ( the Dz. the U. from 1997r. No. 133 poz. 883). The customer has to one's data, to their correction the insight right as well as demand of cessation of their using.
4. Structure of shopwindow of shop was designed in such way, it to was can her was visit without necessity of identification or disclosing personal data.

VI. Final decisions

1. The owner of shop ( the shop-assistant) the firm is the Z. the H. the P the Tapex the Barbara Jastrzębska-Mucha the economic activity leading in Cz?stochowa, about the number NIP 573-000-02-74
2. Address of leadership of activity is address correspondence sprzedawcy simultaneously and it sounds as follows:
Z. H. P Tapex Barbara Jastrzębska- Mucha
ul. Worcela 16a or Wolności 2/4,
42-200 Częstochowa

3. Present regulations is the part contained by sprzedawc? as well as the customer of contract of purchase - the sale. The content of Regulations is for sides binding from valid in moment of composition by customer of order sound peaceably.
4. Customer is person purchasing aims goods on untied with economic activity (consumer).
5. Owner reserves me to change of regulations without application of causes right and without earlier prejudices. Http:// changes these will be published on up to date on columns of service
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